About Dr. Braden

Hi there! I’m a evidence-based Chiropractor at Whole Health Center in Highlands Ranch Colorado. I specialize in neck and low back pain and tension, extremity pain/problems, ribs that are “out” and “TMJ” (problems with the TMJ joint).

I work with people in acute pain/spasms from minor injuries, sports injuries and also people with chronic pain. I work with the average person as well as athletes. People who choose me as their Chiropractor appreciate the time I spend, the knowledge I share and my skill with adjustments and soft tissue manipulation. I do not currently accept insurance, motor vehicle collision cases or workman’s compensation cases and I offer affordable cash – based options.

I offer a variety of treatments including adjustments/spinal manipulation, soft tissue manipulation (specialized targeted myofascial release) and rehabilitative exercise. I also use physiotherapy such as e-stim and ultrasound as necessary. See below for more information.

Chiropractic Adjustments and Gentle Low Force Instrument Adjustments

I perform many hands-on techniques but specialize in manual joint adjustments, more technically called spinal and extremity joint manipulation.

For those who do not like or cannot safely be manually adjusted, I use an Arthrostim to perform low force instrument adjustments.

Manual Therapy Techniques

My Myofascial manipulations techniques vary, but I perform targeted soft tissue manipulation. Massage is a type of soft tissue manipulation: manual pressure and “strokes” applied to the muscles. Massage generally is done for muscle soreness, tightness and acute/chronic pain, but is more general and massage therapists to not get trained in diagnosis of musculoskeletal pain or other serious issues that may refer pain to back or extremities.

Myofascial Release: The specific technique I use is a form of trigger point and fascia manipulation that is described in ostepathic texts/literature. Specifically Robert Schleip. I also have studied anatomy trains informally by Thomas Myers. This type of work is similar to Rolfing or Structural Integration. I am not a Rolfer or Integrator. I am particularly aware of the neurological/motor (muscle) affects of what I do and approach my work from this perspective.

I also use cupping to lift the muscle tissue and fascia and traction the connective tissues around the muscle. Cupping can also suction inflammation proteins and other compounds from deeper in the tissue, up to the surface where the lymphatic system (click here for more information) can vacuum it up.

I prefer to combine manual myofascial release with manual spinal and joint adjustments, or instrument adjustments. Therefore, my visits are longer than a ‘quick pop”, and it is possible to book 40 minute and 1 hour visits if needed.

Board Certified Physiotherapy


This includes things like electrostim (electrophysiotherapy) and therapeutic ultrasound.

Electrophysiotherapy, you’ll be expected to remember that (just kidding!), is the use of electric current through the body. This has been tested and is accepted by multiple heath care professionals as effective for pain management. It is not a magic bullet. Electrotherapy when applied appropriately can reduce pain sensations. It also can be used to strengthen muscles and prevent atrophy in certain situations. Mostly, I use it for acute pain management.

Therapeutic Ultrasound differs from diagnostic ultrasound. Diagnostic ultrasound is most known for the ability to visualize a baby in the womb. It is also useful for imaging tendon tearing, impingement, ligament instability, muscle tears and other conditions of the soft tissues (non-bone) that are not too deep.

In contrast, Therapeutic ultrasound creates vibration inside of muscle and fascia using sound waves. It can break up fascia and connective tissues that are not functionally formed and also can heat up the target tissue. In research, it has been shown to stimulate fibroblasts (the muscles that build connective/no muscle tissue/fascia) and make the cells more leaky for a short period, which cues them to initiate the healing process. I use this for chronic muscle pains, spasms and to break up scar tissue in muscle.